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Researchers at the Spectroscopy Lab have measured the spectral reflectance of hundreds of materials in the lab, and have compiled a spectral library. The library is used as a reference for material identification in remote sensing images.

The first version of the library is available in both hard-copy, and digital versions. It contains reflectance spectra of minerals and a few plants from 0.2 to 3.0 microns:

(The above is the proper reference for the spectral library.)

We believe this library to be of high quality. Each spectrum has been evaluated for spectral purity. The spectra also have axcellent wavelength precision.

Work on the library continues, including the addition of more minerals, mineral mixtures, vegetation, and man-made materials. We are also working on extending the spectral library to 150 microns. In case you are wondering, splib01 to splib03 were experimental while we explored content and supporting documentation. Splib04 is the first complete library. We have no schedule for the next release. Putting together this first spectral library required about 8 person-years of effort. Work on the next version depends on funding and commitments to other projects.

The software used to analyze the laboratory data and manage the spectral library is Specpr

You can interactively browse individual spectra from the digital library online, or view the sample descriptions and customized plots online.

Interactive Browsing:
Spectral Library Detailed Plots and Sample Descriptions

Older interactive browse (for those who like it).

You can download the spectral library in any of the following formats:

Original Laboratory Data:

Interpolated Laboratory Data: (It is suggested that if you are going to convolve the spectral library to your own systems, use this version. This is the version we use for convolutions. The higher sampling helps when doing numerical integrations, so it could be used for all applications.

Along with the main library, splib04a, at the original instrument resolution, there are versions for specific flight instruments such as the NASA/JPL Airborne Visual and Infra-Red Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS).

The following convolved spectral libraries are available for download.
Instrument LibraryDescription
TERRESTRIAL SYSTEMS===========================
AVIRIS AVIRIS spectral libraries as a function of year and/or changes in the instrument. AVIRIS 1998 library now available
HYDICE HYDICE (nominal) spectral library (approximate library, as the wavelengths may shift with every flight
MIVIS MIVIS nominal spectral library (1994)
TM TM spectral library
ASTER ASTER spectral library
ASD-FR ASD Field Spectrometer spectral library
PLANETARY SYSTEMS===========================
Galileo NIMS NIMS spectral library (nominal, 408 channel)
Pathfinder IMP Pathfinder spectral library
Cassini VIMS VIMS spectral library at design wavelengths (actual is

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