USGS Digital HYDICE splib04 Spectral Library

The reference for the spectral library:
Clark, R.N., G.A. Swayze, A.J. Gallagher, T.V.V. King, and W.M. Calvin, 1993, The U. S. Geological Survey, Digital Spectral Library: Version 1: 0.2 to 3.0 microns, U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report 93-592, 1340 pages,

The HYDICE spectral library is convolved from the splib04b interpolated library for each state of the instrument we have worked with. The available spectral libraries are:

Binary Format (Specpr Format)

The following convolved spectral libraries are available for download. They are all stored in the Specpr Format:

Ascii Format

The following convolved spectral libraries are in compressed ascii format

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