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Plot of the spectrum of halloysite USGS Digital Spectral Library


Researchers at the Spectroscopy Lab have measured the spectral reflectance of hundreds of materials in the lab, and have compiled a spectral library. The libraries are used as references for material identification in remote sensing images.

Our Current Spectral Library, splib06a (September, 2007):

Clark, R.N., Swayze, G.A., Wise, R., Livo, E., Hoefen, T., Kokaly, R., Sutley, S.J., 2007, USGS digital spectral library splib06a: U.S. Geological Survey, Digital Data Series 231.

The UV to mid-infrared 0.2-150 micron library (splib06) contains over 1300 spectra including mid-infrared data as well as spectra from splib05a and additional visible and near-infrared spectra. The library includes many more minerals, organic and volatile compounds, vegetation, and man-made materials than our previous libraries. The database is over 6,000 web pages, figures, sample images and data listings.

Hot" Spectral Library 06

September 25, 2007: Follow the above link for the splib06a spectral library, description, plots of spectra, and ascii data. Binary files and instrument convolved spectral libraries.

Older Spectral Libraries
R. N. Clark, G. A. Swayze, R. Wise, K. E. Livo, T. M. Hoefen, R. F. Kokaly, and S. J. Sutley, USGS Digital Spectral Library splib05a, USGS Open File Report 03-395, 2003.

Spectral Library 05 (note: this link leaves speclab)

Spectral library splib04a is:
Spectral Library 04
and includes original laboratory as well as instrument spectral libraries for terrestrial and planetary spectrometers.

Spectral Library splib04a Sample Descriptions along with detailed plots. January 8, 2000.

(For your information, libraries 01, 02, and 03 were experimental exercises on what to include in a spectral library.)

The splib07a spectral library is currently being prepared. Included in the new library will be an extensive grain size series for many minerals, more organic and volatile compounds, more minerals and other materials. Publication date depends on funding.

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