SPECPR Users’ Manual                                            Page 8-f47.1

F47:  Spectrum Recreation from F46 output               Alias = abaspecrec
This routine reads specpr f46 spectral features output and attempts
to use the feature parameters to compute the original spectrum.  The
features are triangular in shape at the bottom because straight line
segments are used from the band center to the Full width at Quarter
Maximum and the Full width at Half Maximum and to the continuum
level.  The routine is useful to see how well the f45 automated band
analysis routine works.
In the initial evaluation of f45, this routine proved useful.  The
key in evaluating the output is the question "is the spectrum
identifiable?"  For example, do the features for the spectrum of
kaolinite get reassembled into a spectrum that is recognizable as
kaolinite?  The authors tested many spectra and concluded "yes."