SPECPR Users’ Manual                                                   Page 8-f4.1

F4:  Sequential Processor (No User Access)                 Alias: none
This function sets up the commands from function f3 for execution
and thus has no user access.
The f4 function makes a command to do an operation followed by a
comma and f4.  Thus f4 calls itself.  Internally, it stores the
sequential command and counters in an internal array and increments them
each time the program returns to the f4 function.  For example, f4 may
build a command sequence like


so that the first operation (v23/w26e) is done and then f4 is called
again.  The f4 routine then increments whatever the user had
requested and generates a new command and returns to the command
When all incrementing is complete, f4 returns to the user command
input routine.