SPECPR Users’ Manual                                                   Page 8-f3.1

F3:  Sequential Processor                                    Alias: sequ
This routine is very useful for repetitive
calculations on many records for multiplication, division,
subtraction and special functions only.  This routine effectively
sets up the command sequences as a loop, thus you do not have to
type in the command over and over when you are incrementing a record
For example, if you wanted to multiply file v records 10 to 23 by the
constant 1.3452, you would type f3 from Math Operations.  The program
will ask for the operation.  In this example, you would type * for
multiplication.  (Other operations would be /, -, f2, f6 or any other
function number except 3 and 4).  Next the program will ask for the
first file ID, beginning record number, ending record number and the
record number increment.  For this example, you would type

             v10 23 1

All positive record increments are valid.  If the record increment
was negative, it is set to zero.  Next you will be asked to type
in the second file ID,  beginning and ending record numbers and
increment.  For this case, you would type


You will then be asked to type in options.  If you wanted errors
included, the record increment should have been 2 (or more if the
data sets take up more than 256 channels) since the data and
errors take up at least 2 records.  Note that you can get in an infinite loop if
the record increment is set to zero.  However, you can exit back to
Math Operations by typing


at any point.  If you type


at any point in the processing, that operation will be skipped and
the program will go on to the next operation.  The operations are
performed just as if you had typed in the commands one at a time
or all on one line separated by commas in Math Operations.  This
function should save a lot of time and typing.
This function calls function f4.