SPECPR Users’ Manual                                            Page 8-f23.1

F23: Mathematical Parser                                      Alias: pars[e]
This routine allows the user to type in arbitrary mathematical
expressions involving data sets and
constants. The
expressions allowed are any combination of addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division, and exponentiation (exponentiation is
represented by ^).
f23 is site specific because of the interdependency between Fortran
and C so it may not be linked at all sites.  Check with your system
To use f23 type from math operations:


if errors are to be included in the
computation. The program will list the
wavelength data set and the number of channels it will be using. To
change the wavelength record at this point type the file ID (upper
case) and the record number of the new wavelength set.  If the default
wavelength set is acceptable just type a carriage return.  If
you wish to abort the routine type


After choosing the appropriate wavelength set the routine will
print out the current file protections and allow you to type in
the expression to be evaluated.  For example, if you wanted to add
data set v21 to a Gaussian with a height of -1.5, half width of 2.3
microns (at 1/e
point), centered at 1.32 microns you would type:


assuming you are using wavelength set v3 (note that the wavelengths
are treated as data here, so the wavelength set uses a lower case
file ID).