SPECPR Users’ Manual                                            Page 8-f21.1

F21: Calculate Nth Term Polynomials                        Alias: calc[poly]
This routine calculates nth term polynomials where the maximum
number of terms or coefficients is 256.  This routine operates on
the data set entered from math operations.  Then it prompts you
for a data set of coefficients (file ID and record number)
for the polynomial:

                   Y(n) = C(1) + C(2)X(n) + C(3)X(n)2 + C(4)X(n)3 + ...,

where Y is the output array, X is the input array, C is the
coefficient array.
To execute the f21 function, in math operations type the file id
and record number of the input file and f21.  For example:


After the routine
title is printed type in the file id and record number of the
file containing the coefficient values, then a space, then the
number of terms of the polynomial.  For example, if the coefficients
were in v24 and there were 6 coefficients, you would type:

             v24 6

The program will then do the
calculations and return to the math routine prompting you for the
location to put the output file and the title etc.

be careful of overflows!  When the number of terms, n, becomes large
(like near or greater than 10), xn can get very large if x >