SPECPR Users’ Manual                                            Page 8-f19.1

F19:  Polynomial Fit (10 Term)                              Alias: poly[fit]
Special Function 19 does a least squares fit to a
data set with a polynomial of the form:

               y = a1 + a2 x + a3 x3 + a4 x2 + ... + an xn-1

The program requests the number of terms to use for the polynomial fit and will currently handle up to ten terms. To run this routine type the file id and record number of the spectrum you wish to fit followed by f19, or use the alias:




The program will allow you to change the wavelength set if the current set is not the proper one. The program then calculates the least squares curve and prints the polynomial coefficients and the reduced chi square for the fit. You have the option of saving the fitted curve, computed with the wavelength set in use, or saving the coefficients. The coefficients can be used as input to f21 (calculate a polynomial).