SPECPR Users’ Manual                                            Page 8-f15.1

F15:  Formats Gaussian Parameter File                      Alias: gaus[sfmt]
At this version of specpr, GFIT is not implemented beyond specpr
version 1.  However, f15 is still included to format Gaussian
parameter files from GFIT output done for those sites still running
version 1 specpr and GFIT.  A future implementation of specpr may
include GFIT.
This routine takes GFIT data from the SPECPR files and formats
the data in a neat, legible manner.  If no file was input, an error
message is written, and the routine soft exits.  The routine also
checks to make sure that the input file is of the the correct type.  If
not, the routine soft exits.
First, the routine writes out the Gaussian terms (if there are
any), followed by the continuum terms (if there are any); these
are followed by the integrated intensities which are equal to the
height times the width of the Gaussian, the percent error of the
Gaussians, the mean value and sigma.
The routine then checks the manual history to see if the fit was
in inverse wavelength space or natural logarithm space.  If the fit was
in inverse wavelength space, then the data are converted to
wavelength space for the center positions and widths.  If the fit
was done in log space, then the items printed are

     (1) the relative band depth which is equal to 1 - EXP (Height),
     (2) Band depth - Error = 1 - EXP (Height - Error) and
     (3) Band depth + Error = 1 - EXP (Height + Error).

In all divisions, the denominator is checked for zero. If it is zero, it is reset to 1.0×10-36, and an error message is printed on user’s terminal.