SPECPR Users’ Manual                                            Page 8-f11.1

F11:  Lunar Thermal Removal                             Alias = luna[rtherm]
This routine removes the thermal component from
the reflectance object spectrum using the equation:

          ╭      Ro’(1—Rs)Ps   Po╮ ╭    Po╮—1
     Ro = ┥Ro’ + ——————————— — ——┝ ┥1 — ——┝                   (eqn 8.f11.1)
          ╰          RsF       F ╯ ╰    F ╯

Refer to R. Clark, 1979, Planetary Reflectance Measurements in the Region of Planetary Thermal Emission, Icarus 94-103 (equation 14) for more information.

Variable definitions:

Ro = Reflectance of object with thermal component removed.

Ro’ = Reflectance of object with thermal component.

Rs = Reflectance of standard with no thermal component.

Po = Temperature for Planck function of object (in Degrees Kelvin).

Ps = Temperature for Planck function of standard (in Degrees Kelvin).

F = (solar flux/π)/(distance from sun in A.U.)2

The program requires that the file ID and record number of Ro’ and the e to include errors, if any, be specified when called from Math operations. The program will ask for:

Rs: The file ID and record number.

The albedo at the normalization wavelength for Ro and Rs (0.0 < A ≤ 1.0). If the data are already in albedo (reflectance), then this constant should = 1.0 (the spectra are multiplied by this constant).

The wavelength data set (File ID and record number).

Po and Ps in degrees Kelvin (10 < T < 105).

Solar flux/π data set (file ID and record number).

Distance from sun in A.U. (>0.0)

After entering albedo at normalization, the user has an option of either continuing, exiting, or changing what has been input so far (for the current screen information). User also has a similar option after entering distance from the sun. In calculating the thermal removal, Ro and Rs spectra are multiplied by their respective albedos at the normalization point. Errors are propagated by multiplying individual error values by the Ro albedo at the normalization point.