SPECPR Users’ Manual                                                   Page 8-f10.1

F10:  Sorting Routine                                     Alias: sort
The function arranges data into increasing wavelength order.
Entry is by the usual method for special functions: from the math
routines, enter the file id and record number of the data set or be
sorted.  Errors may
be included by an "e" option on the math command line.
After entering the sort routine, the title of the data set to be sorted
is printed along with the wavelength set in use.  The
user may change the wavelength set at this point by entering the
(upper case) file id and record number of the wavelength set.
Only the data
file is sorted, but by specifying the wavelength file when
calling f10, the wavelengths may be sorted also.
For example, say the wavelengths are in v3 and the data in v6.  First
sort the wavelength set.  From math operations, type the


command.  Once inside the sort routine, set the wavelength set, in
this example to the:


wavelength set.
Once the wavelengths are sorted, sort the data set v6:


and once inside you should not have to set the wavelength set again
because V3 should already be in use.  Simply press return to sort
the data.