SPECPR Users’ Manual                                                   Page 7.1



7.1 Introduction The Program Operations Control is the main menu part of the program which allows access to math operations, file list, overlay, transfer, display, plot, file assignments, initialization and other applications programs such as the extinction routines. This is also the only point where the program should be terminated. The main menu looks like:

 v = spdemos : f    1    w = *unasnd*: f    1    d = *unasnd*: f    1
 u = *unasnd*: f    1    y = *unasnd*: f    1    s = starpack: f    1
 lp: spoolfile       obs lat=    .000 deg   channels= 256 wav fl=C  256 h
 file protection: v    53,w     0,d     0,u     0,y     0,s     0 ltype= 0
 MAIN MENU: ********** Program Operations Control *********************

  INFO:     "in" to turn OFF information

  LIST:      l followed by v,w,d,u,or y  to list the contents
                         of the corresponding file
   DISPLAY:   t  to DISPLAY on screen, OVERLAP on screen
   MATH:      m  to do MATH operations
   TRANSFER:  t  to TRANSFER (COPY) files

  PLOT:      p  to PLOT SPECTRA on PLOTTER/printer
   SETUP:     b  to change SETUP PARAMETERS
   FILES:     r  to REASSIGN files and devices
   STARPACK:  s  to create a STARPACK for extinction corrections
   PRINT RST: f  to print summary of the current restart file

  EXIT:      EX  to exit program

7.2 Menu Information Information on the screen can be suppressed by typing


or restored by typing


7.3 Listing the Contents of a Data File To list the contents of the data files (v, w, d, u, or y), type l followed by the corresponding letter. For example to list the contents of file v, type:


See Chapter 11 for instructions once you are in the list routine.

7.4 Terminating Program To stop specr, type


All files and devices will be closed properly, and specpr will print a summary of the files assigned and their protections. When you restart specpr, the files will be opened and protections set to the same state as when you quit at this point.

7.5 File Display, Transfer, and Overlap To transfer (copy) files, or display or overlap data on the CRT, type


See Chapter 10 for information once you are in the display, transfer and overlap routines.

7.6 Changing Initialization Parameters To change the basic setup parameters or reassign files and devices, type


The basic setup parameter menu is then displayed:

   v = spdemos : f   25    w =         : f    1    d = *unasnd*: f    1
   u = *unasnd*: f    1    y = *unasnd*: f    1    s = starpack: f    1
   lp: spoolfile       obs lat=    .000 deg   channels= 471 wav fl=V   23 a
   file protection: v    53,w     0,d     0,u     0,y     0,s     0 ltype= 3
                      *** SETUP parameters ***

      type  o    to change the OBSERVATORY or observatory site
       type  r    to REASSIGN FILES and devices
       type  f    to EVALUATE PROTECTION vs file sizes
                  (no response indicates all is consistent)
       type  g    and number to set GRAPHICS type (see manual)
       type  b    to toggle BELL
       type  v    to change the NAME of device v
       type  d    to change the NAME of device d
       type  u    to change the NAME of device u
       type  y    to change the NAME of device y
       type  w    to change the NAME of device w
       type  cp   to change the  FILE PROTECTION

      press return to go back to the MAIN routines.

See Chapter 5 for details on each command. From the main menu, it is possible to enter a multiple command and go right to the basic setup section desired. From the main menu, type b<basic setup command>. For example to change protection from the main menu, type:


7.7 Device and File Assignments To go to Device and File Assignments, type


See Chapter 6 for details on the assignment routines.

7.8 Extinction Routines To do extinction calculations and create a starpack or list the starpack file by titles, type


See Chapter 12 for details on the extinction routines.

7.9 Plot Routines (to Hardcopy Plotters) To plot spectra on the various supported Plotters, type


See Chapter 13 for details on the hardcopy plotting routines.

To go to the mathematics routines, type


See Chapter 8 for details on the math routines.

7.11 Restart Summary Typing


will list the contents of the current restart file on the listing device.