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SPECtrum Processing Routines (SPECPR)


Specpr is an Interactive One Dimensional Array Processing System, with the tools needed for reflectance spectroscopy analysis. It also has tools to do a lot of other tasks and analyses of x,y paried data.


Clark, R.N., 1980. A Large Scale Interactive One Dimensional Array Processing System, Pub. Astron. Soc. Pac., 92, 221-224.

Clark, R.N., 1993. SPECtrum Processing Routines User's Manual Version 3 (program SPECPR), U.S. Geological Survey, Open File Report 93-595, 210 pages.

Source code can be obtained below

Specpr Features:

User Interface

Analysis Routines


The specpr directory below contains specpr and related source code.

The specpr.tar.Z file contains all the specpr, radtran, and related directories, with no modules compiled. To get specpr going on your machine, you need this tar file. Put it on your machine, uncompress it and untar it.

Then, to save you time in compiling specpr, you can get the specific machine compiled version, such as src.specpr.solaris.tar.Z for solaris. These files contain only the src.specpr files, already compiled with all the .o and .a files already made. Get the file appropriate for yopur machine, and tar it over the src.specpr directory located in the specpr.tar.

Once you get specpr going, get the DEMO.tar.Z and uncompress and untar the file and run the demos. It shows you a lot about how specpr works.

Radtran is radiative transfer mineral mixture reflectance computations.

icon Anonymous ftp directory for Specpr, Radtran source code:


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