Yellowstone National Park Field Checking in 1998

Field checking of vegetation and mineral maps produced from the 1996 AVIRIS data was conducted in late September and early October 1998 by Ray Kokaly and Eric Livo. Spot checking of minerals and vegetation cover types was conducted in areas near Norris Geyser Basin and Mammoth Hot Springs.

Examples of Field Checking:

Photos from field checking of pixels that mapped as vigorous lodgepole pine regrowth from the 1988 fires. These photos show very dense regrowth, some taller than 2 meters. In the AVIRIS data this area had stronger chlorophyll and water absorptions than the majority of lodgepole regrowth.
(Location = UTM 526000 E, 4973200 N, 7242 ft elevation)

Lodgepole regrowth was as high as 2 meters (Eric Livo).

Soils in the area were very moist with a covering of moss.

Many burned trunks remain standing in the area.

Regrowth density was high (Ray Kokaly).

Many of the tallest trees were bearing cones.