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Imaging Spectroscopy Group, Data Publication Policy


In general, we are processing 3 types of data:

The intent of the Spectroscopy Group is to publish everything we do, including publications of software, data, and results on this web site, with enough information so that you can obtain the necessary data software and input command files to reproduce all science results posted here and in our science papers. Science papers, technical reports and supporting documentation will be posted as appropriate.

Spectra are posted on this web site in at least 2 forms: ascii and Specpr Format. To read Specpr format, see the software packages, including specpr, pw (and as part of that distribution, the "sp" program), davinci, and spview. Note that most commercial image processing packages that include imaging spectroscopy analysis include readers for specpr format. The USGS ISIS software reads specpr format.

Images are in the form of GIF, JPEG or other common formats, and, in the case of imaging spectroscopy analysis, VICAR and/or NASA PDS format, compressed with the public domain Unix program, gzip. Our image display software, pw, will uncompress (on the fly) and display images in these formats. The Davinci software also reads the VICAR and PDS formats.

Imaging Spectroscopy data are huge, so we will generally not, with rare exceptions, post such data sets on this web site. In the case of AVIRIS data, the JPL AVIRIS data facility distributes the data.

So, for the imaging spectroscopy areas we are working in, we will post information on:

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