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The USGS Digital Spectral Library, version 1 (splib04a) contains the reflectance spectra of 498 minerals, plants and misc materials. With this tool, you can browse through the library, view plots of the spectra, and examine the data descriptions. Once you view a spectrum, you can download the ascii data. If you want to download a lot of data, please go to the previous page where you can download the entire library more efficiently.

           Spectral Library Entries by Type
           Minerals:                              Other:
 ----------------------------------------    ---------------------
 1  Borate              4  Phosphate          3  Desert Varnish
21  Carbonate         108  Phyllosilicate     1  Organic (Kerogen)
 1  Chloride            5  Sorosilicate
 7  Cyclosilicate      33  Sulfate
 2  Element            23  Sulfide
 4  Halide              2  Sulfosalt
13  Hydroxide          64  Tectosilicate      17 Plants:
45  Inosilicate                              ---------------------
63  Nesosilicate                              3  Grass
 1  Nitrate                                   6  Shrub
24  Oxide                                     8  Tree
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