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Personnel work on a variety of science research topics using methods including laboratory spectroscopy of terrestrial and planetary metarials, remote sensing spectroscopy of the Earth using imaging spectrometers, telescopes to study other planetary surfaces, and planetary probes with spectrometers and imaging spectrometers to study other planets. Scientific problems cover a wide range, from mineral exploration, environmental characterizations, global change, vegetation health, to planetary exploration throughout the solar system.

Address and FAX numbers will be furnished upon request.

 Spectroscopy lab personnel include:
Name Mail Stop Telephone E-Mail Address
Dr. Gregg A. Swayze  964 (303) 236-0925 gswayze AT usgs.gov
Todd M. Hoefen 964 (303) 236-2456 thoefen AT usgs.gov
Ray Kokaly 964 (303) 236-1359 raymond AT usgs.gov
Eric Livo 964 (303) 236-1388 elivo AT usgs.gov
Dr. Roger N. Clark (303) 236-1332 rclark AT usgs.gov (volunteer)

See the facilities description to find out about our spectrometers, computers and other equipment we use.

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